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Dermatology Associates has been dedicated to delivering expert dermatologic care in Gainesville, FL since 1994. We treat all aspects of hair, nail, and skin disease. We specialize in general dermatology, dermatopathology, cosmetic dermatology, skin cancer and dermatologic surgery.

Dermatology Associates is a partnership between Betsy Beers, M. D. and Tara Ezzell, M. D. built on the highest quality patient care. Dr. Beers' longstanding relationship with the Gainesville patient community and her impeccable reputation among her peers drew Dr. Ezzell into the practice in 2007. Together they treasure the opportunity to serve their patients and offer a unique kind of dermatologic care. Through careful surveillance and close doctor-patient relationships, they are able to offer a uniquely less-invasive approach to skin cancer treatment. By evaluating patients, not just the skin they are wearing, Drs. Beers and Ezzell can offer a more comprehensive approach to medical and cosmetic skin problems.

Susan Marchand and Robyn Balkin are extremely experienced Dermatology Physician Assistants whom Drs. Ezzell and Beers trust to assist in the care of their patients. Though their approach to medicine requires careful supervision of each patients' management, the availability of Susan's and Robyn's schedule allows patients better access to the practice. The staff of Dermatology Associates is a carefully chosen group of professionals and medical assistants equally committed to a high-quality patient experience. Experience a different kind of care at Dermatology Associates.

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